Sunday, November 14, 2010

Copycat, Copycat, Where did you go?

Please know, I understand how weddings work? And at time it can be quite flattering when your own wedding is reflected in someone elses wedding. But when that someone else is all but walking around with a notebook taking note at your wedding it is not all that flattering and can actually be quite frustrating.

I'll recap, Hubs and I got married May 1, 2010 at this quaint little cabin on a pond. One of Hub's best friends and his girl had recently become engaged and were at the wedding. The entire night, every time I saw BFF and his girl she was talking about using some idea of mine at their wedding. She even had the nerve to ask if she could buy my mason jars from me while we were still using them! And they talked with my photog about using him for their wedding. At the time it didn't bother me because well frankly, I was having too much fun to care what she was doing. But now that their wedding has come and pass and pictures of their big day are all over Facebook, I do care. (Side note: Hubs and I didn't go to their wedding)

So there are a few small details that really got under my skin.

The first detail that really got under my skin was that her Mom and Stepdad walked her down the isle. I'm sure this is a growing trend but my wedding was the first time I had actually seen anyone have both parents escort them down the isle and give the bride away. Hubs dad, our pastor, even tried to talk me out of it since it is the fathers place to represent the family in the giving away of the bride. I personally, think that it is ridiculous that I grew up with both of my parents and their both weren't going to be involved in the giving away process.



And I think it is a little odd how closely our flowers looked.



And did I mention that she asked to buy my mason jars while my guests were still using them!? I did well, good. Would you like to see Her cheap version of our koozies?

Hers: (Note: the mason jar with the "Eat, Drink, and Be Married" sticker with their names and date)

Mine: (Note: Her stickered mason jar is a very close, cheap, replica of my koozies which said "To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold" with our names and date)

And lastly, my wedding photog (which they tired to book but he was booked and out of their price range) brought in a second shooter to have a photo booth where guests could go and have their pictures taken. Well I didn't want things to be stuffy and boring so I beefed it up a little bit at the photo booth and provided a white board for guests to write on. It became a HUGE hit. And was yet, another taken idea and used at their wedding.

Hers: (Note: Whiteboard not in use yet, but available for use)

Mine: (Note: In use)

Frustration over.



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