Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mover and Shaker

Whew!! I have been a busy little S.

I have been a mover and a shake lately. I have had meetings with the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development committee, and my now (hopefully) soon to be partner. I have found an investment banker to talk too about my plans and I'm planning a trip to the Atlanta Mart to go to the apparel show.

I have also interviewed with now 3 companies this week. All 3 jobs are very different from each other. One is a Sales Manager (Leasing Manager) position with a local apartment complex. That was such a fun interview and I would love, love, love to be offered the position. There was amazing perks for the position and I think it would be a fun change of pace. I even interviewed in shorts and a Theta Xi tshirt because it was that impromptu. Grace-dog even went to the interview with me. Downside, this job is in Statesboro which pushes back my business plans but the perks almost make it worth waiting another year. Financially this is the best opportunity I've been offered so far.

The other position is for a Recruiter position near my hometown. I would be working to bring Low Income, Housing Project, Laid Off to a Green (as in eco-friendly) program where people would learn Green Construction, Eco-efficient power, and Energy efficient electrical. This job is right up my alley as I love eco-friendly products and Hubs and I have even talked about using eco-efficient products such as Solar Panels when we build our own home one day. This position is a temporary position because it is a grant position with the State of Georgia. Which is good because this falls right in line with my business plans. However, this position would require Hubs to find a new job and for us to relocate. Positive, relocation would not be a huge burden because we would be moving to a lower cost of living area.

The last position I have interviewed for is a Sales Position to bring in new clients for a production company specializing in TV Commercials. This is the least wanted position. I really wanted to move away from sales and move more into a PR or Marketing position. I'm ok with some sales but a entire job based around sales is not what I wanted. Another turn off of this job was the owner works closely with a company I interviewed with when I very first graduated from college. They ended up hiring me and put me straight to work but offered no training, no HR paperwork, and no guidance. It was a very awkward position that lasted all of 3 days. This makes me hesitant to move forward with the company I interviewed with. But it is in Savannah where Hubs works and would allow us to move to be closer to Hubs position. Also, it is located on Broughton Street which would allow us to life downtown and I could walk (when able) to work. It could be fun.

My focus until I find a job is working on my boutique. I'm now revamping my business plan and am working on nailing down my financing so I can start really working with the bank.



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