Sunday, January 15, 2012

There is never a "right" time

I'm learning in life that there is never a "right" time for anything. Things just happen.

Starting today I am going to begin working on my big dream. I'm going to work on creating my bridal salon. The one thing I have wanted in life since I was 14. I want to help ladies feel special on the one day they have dreamed about for years. I want to be the person that is the small piece in a big day. I want to make women of all ages, sizes, and shapes feel beautiful on the one day they are meant to be beautiful.

I am the only person standing in my way of my dream. I left the fear of failure and the fear of going without take over my desire to succeed.

I need to stop waiting on the right time and just jump both feet in and go for it. I would rather say that I tried and failed (or succeeded) than to saw that I had a dream and let it die.

Today is the day I start taking control of my own time.



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